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Preferred Card

Get the Card. Get the Savings. Get the Rewards


How It Works:

It rewards our store's best customers. Each customer who signs up for the program will receive a Graul's Preferred Customer card that entitles them to store discounts, extra values and offers that aren't available to to non-cardholders.The customer presents his or her card to a cashier at the checkout. The card is scanned and the customer automatically receives the discounts. All information collected is confidential.

Instructions For Completing An Application For Your Preferred Customer Card:

You can apply for your Preferred Customer Card online by simply filling out this application and pressing the submit button when you’re done. Your application will be processed immediately and you should receive your new Preferred Customer card via snail mail within two weeks. Applications processed online will not have check cashing privileges. If you wish to receive check cashing privileges along with your card you, will need to take your application to your nearest Graul’s Market and present your driver’s license after which you’ll receive check cashing privileges. We check your driver’s license ID to protect you against fraud and identity theft. It’s that easy to add checking cashing privileges to your card by completing a new application available at any Graul's Market location. 

For quicker response, you can print this application out, fill it in and bring it to any Graul’s Market.  After we validate your driver’s license, we’ll issue you your new card and check cashing privileges on the spot. Either way, it’s easy to begin saving on your Graul’s shopping.

Please remember to present your Preferred Customer card EVERY time you check out. The cornerstone of Preferred Customer is rewarding our best customers with the most savings. The more you use the card, the better offers you will receive!

Next Step:

You have 2 options now:

  1. If you already have a card, Click Here to update your information and submit.
  2. If you DON'T have a card yet, scroll down and fill out the form below to apply for a card.