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Naval Academy

Survival Kits

Your Choice $39.99 (Delivery included)

The Junk Food Care Package
A great assortment of sodas, candy, chips, cookies, nuts and crackers.

The Athlete's Choice
A high carbohydrate, high protein assortment that includes Gatorade, protein drinks, nuts, Power Bars, fresh fruit and granola bars.

The "Good For You" Goodie Box
A low fat assortment of fresh fruit, juice boxes, granola bars and low fat cookies.

1/4 Sheet Cake

$39.99 (Includes delivery, plates, forks & napkins)

Graul's fresh baked yellow or devil's food cake decorated in Naval colors with your own personal message.

Cookie & Brownie Pack

$39.99  (Delivery included)

An assortment of our fresh baked brownies & cookies to please any sweet tooth.

Custom Care Packages

We Specialize in Custom Care Packages!
Miniumum order $39.99 (Delivery included)

We are a full service supermarket and can quickly fill your special order!

  • Cold Remedies
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Health & Beauty Aids
  • Anything else your Mid needs or wants

Throw Your Mid a Lifeline From Home!
It's easier than you think.

One call to Graul's Market
sends your gift on its' way!


1388 Cape St. Claire Road
Annapolis, MD 21409

Ordering Information

Daily Weekday Deliveries
Year-round to the U.S. Naval Academy Express Office for pick up by your Mid
Weekly and monthly delivery schedules available
Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Discover
Prices subject to change